Worst year so far? Remembering 2020

Worst year so far? Remembering 2020

Nobody could ever imagine that 2020 will take so many lives and ruin so many businesses. This pandemic totally dominated our agenda, but still there are some things, besides the coronavirus, we should remember from 2020. These are top 10 events of 2020 set aside the COVID-19.

1) Megxit! Prince Harry and Meghan,Markle, announce on January 8th, 2020, their intention to resign as senior members of the Royal family; splitting their time between the United Kingdom and Canada, and becoming financially independent from the British Crown.

2) A new world record in pole vault set by the young American-Swedish superstar Armand Duplantis. Actually he rewrote the world record twice in January 2020.

3) General Qasem Soleimani, one of the most powerful military leaders of Iran, was shot dead by US drone attack in the airport of Baghdad. This event caused serious tensions between the United States and Iran.

4) Brexit! On January 31, after a long parliamentary debate, the UK formally left the European Union, starting an 11-month transition period.

5) Russia vs Saudi Arabia oil price war in March 2020 results in the largest fall in oil prices. They plunge as much as 30%, the biggest oil price crash since 1991.

6) North Macedonia joins NATO on March 27, becoming the 30th member country of the alliance.

7) A mass shooting in Portapique, Nova Scotia, Canada, occurs on April, 19. With 23 people dead, it becomes the deadliest shooting in modern Canadian history.

8)Black Lives Matter! Protests after the police killing George Floyd break out across the U.S. and around the globe.

9) Israel normalises relations with the UAE, that are followed by Bahrain.

10) Joe Biden beats the incumbent US president Donald Trump, sending him back to the construcion sites.

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