What is Fascism? Who is fascist? Read the definition and meaning!

What is Fascism? Who is fascist? Read the definition and meaning!

Fascism is a radical far-right ideology based on dictatorship, militarism, nationalism and xenophobia.

The essence of fascism is something like this: our nation is above all, we are united but surrounded by enemies, democracy sucks, and every citizen must give everything for the good of the nation, according to the orders of the national leader.

Fascists are tough opponents of liberal democracy, but economically fascism relies on capitalism. A fascist regime features suppression of the opposition, uses the propaganda and control over the media, as well as a one-party system of power with a dictator who controls all its branches. Fascism relies on violence, therefore it cultivates the buildup and development of its army.

Any fascist regime turns the state into a sect, where everything is subordinated to one person, and citizens are obedient soldiers who must carry out orders of the national leader. The fascist states are aggressive and seek to seize territories. They pursue a violent imperialist policy with elements of national patriotism and humiliation of other peoples.

The word "fascism" comes from the Italian "fascio", which means "a bundle of rods". The "Fascist Revolutionary Party of Italy" (yes, that was its official name) had an axe tied with twigs on its coat of arms. The motto of fascism is “strength in unity”, one twig breaks easily, but you can hardly break a bunch of twigs. The first ideologist and father of fascism was the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, who later ceded the "fame" of the main fascist to Hitler. Today "fascism" is a offensive word bordering on a taboo, and rogue politicians use it for their own selfish purposes to attack opponents.

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